Saturday, May 5, 2007

But then again... of tomorrow I'll be in China for two weeks on vacation with my fiance and some friends, and that exalted land is not exactly known for crunchy healthy whole-grain goodness. Indeed, since ancient times white rice has been favored over brown (peasant food, that, and a good indication you can't afford to have the nasty outer fibrous layer polished off down at the mill, you poor hapless soul you). I'll have to contend with the devilish charms of fat frosty jugs of Yanjing beer, steaming piles of jiaozi (dumplings), silken noodles and fragrant rice upon which savory sauces can be ladled.

So we will see.
We will see, we will see, we will see.

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Sarah said...

Good luck and have fun Rachel! I hope you'll be able to post from China- I am really enjoying Gastronofiles.

-Sarah (Jenny's cousin)